Pro Audio Sales / Consulting & Installations

I do a lot of consulting work and audio installations these days. I have lots of experience with PA systems for music production and theatre work. I have been working as an audio professional since August 1980. Before that, I played in a band since 1974, learning how to mix with 6 – 8 channels from stage, while playing guitar. Those were the days my friends! This is how it all started for me almost 50 years ago.

I do also sell pro audio equipment to professional users, venues, theaters and rental companies. Let me tell you, I know how to do sound. In my 40+ years of pro audio experience, I have been a sound designer, equipment supplier and FOH engineer for shows + events and so called Mega Events, with up to 1,1 million attendees for example at the POPE WORLD YOUTH DAY at Marienfeld in FRECHEN-Cologne/Germany in August 2005. You can rely on my Know-How.

*You need help in designing a new audio system?
*You want to upgrade your existing audio system?
*You want to buy a new audio system or audio equipment?
*You want to rent an audio system?
*You need help with your audio system.
*You need somebody to train you on how to do sound for big concerts?
Just call and let me know how I can help you.

More than that, I LOVE WHAT I DO.
You can’t put a price on inspiration.